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End of A Year, A Decade, A Few Other Things Too


January 2020. Welcome to the new year! It really is hard to believe it's not only a new year and a new decade, but a significant one that has people making comparisons to the roaring Twenties a century ago and looking ahead to the future of 2030 and speculation we will have flying cars like the cartoon Jetsons. (There are prototypes on order!) I find that every year as I review the year just past, and look forward to the year to come, I am motivated with fresh ideas about how to better spend my time on this earth. I am always grateful for the blessings of family, health, and community. But this year, I want to extend a special blessing out into the world. It feels like this decade is beginning in a fragile and challenging way. I hold in my heart a wish for the best 2020 possible for all of us. 


As you are probably aware, I gathered responses to an online poll recently on how readers like to hear from their favorite authors. I surveyed reader choices between reading an update posted on the author's website, receiving author newsletters, author blogs, or do readers prefer to just hear from authors on social media. You might be surprised to learn that the whopping favorite was "Please, just social media," with the largest following posting for blogs next, and newsletters after that, with the common proviso by one respondent that, "I think I always want to read the newsletter or the blog, but then I never actually do. I don't have the time." 


This poll led me to think about streamlining the information I post on this website, and to rethink how I spend my time here and reach outward to you. Especially as it pertains to better managing my writing time and your reads and interest. After some noodling, I've come to the difficult decision to wrap up Quintessence, my blog, after yes, more than ten years on this website. Blogs delving into poetry, art, travel, and the craft of writing. Truthfully, I've enjoyed each and every comment and discussion I've had with all of you during these years. But I do believe that everyone is increasingly short of time nowadays and making every effort to streamline their information pipelines, to prioritize what they read and what they do in their day. I endeavor to be a positive part of that effort in your life, and so in the future will post information primarily via my website. You can dip into the news here whenever you choose for details on events, book commentary, and new books. I will continue to reach out and engage through social media on the topics of the day, not just books, and where many of you are already near and dear friends. 


Let's celebrate this new way of doing things! Moving forward into 2020, practicing both what we love and honor as an important priority in our lives. I will say a final goodbye to Quintessence in the next few months but will leave the archives available here until May 2020 for you to enjoy and peruse your favorite postings a final time or two. I've loved the blog connection with you so very much, and hope we continue our friendship forward through book clubs, book events, and yes, social media. As a reminder, I'm on Twitter (@GlendaBurgess), Facebook (@GlendaBurgessBooks) and Instagram (@gbbooks).  
Take care, friends!

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