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Happy Release Day — So Long As We're Together on Audible!


I'm thrilled to share with you the exciting release of SO LONG AS WE'RE TOGETHER on Audible, narrated by the brilliant Carolyn A. Lee. You will love this FIVE STAR stunning voice performance and the narration's tender and mysterious, thrilling twists. As a writer, it is an extraordinary gift to hear your imagination brought to life this way, to hear the characters that once "only you could hear" take their place in the room and sweep listeners into their story. As a reader, I often listen to books while walking, driving, doing tasks, or to fill the hours traveling. Listening to books, I've discovered, is a fresh and often multilayered experience of the written word. A gifted voice actor like Carolyn A. Lee brings new meaning and nuance to every character and each splendid word and edge-of-your-seat pause. Time flies by!


Perhaps SO LONG AS WE'RE TOGETHER on AUDIBLE is the perfect choice for you!


Thank you for your love and support, Glenda



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