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Veterans Day Salute

"The deepest words
of the wise men teach us
the same as the whistle of the wind when it blows,
or the sound of the water when it is flowing."
- "Rebirth," Antonio Machado

Today is a Thursday in the chill and gray month of November. It is Veterans Day. My thoughts this morning turn to the family heritage I honor: one of service and sacrifice. Like many families around our country this day, we salute the bravery, the dedication, the commitment and as may be, the ultimate sacrifice made by those we love. At this moment there are American soldiers on the front lines of conflict around the world. There are American soldiers on missions of rescue and mercy. And American soldiers miles apart from all they know and love, watching the seas and skies for our safety. My message today is heartfelt, and simple. Thank a service member, remember a Vet, acknowledge your family's generations of sacrifice. Freedom for any of us, whether those serving or those supporting or left behind, has a cost. Today we acknowledge the price paid.

My Drum Roll of Honor:

*Midshipman David G. Grunzweig, United States Naval Academy (my son)
*Kenneth A. Grunzweig, A1C, USAF, Vietnam era (my husband, deceased)
*Lt. Col. Thomas H. Burgess, USAF, career officer SAC Command, retired (my father, deceased)
*Louise W. Burgess, active duty military spouse (my mother, deceased)
*James Waugh, enlisted US Army, Korea (my uncle)
*Lt. Jeremy Tinder, USAF Reserve (nephew), and Kristin, his spouse
*John Loudon, enlisted former USAF Survival Instructor (brother-in-law) and Julie, his spouse (my sister)
*Lt. Col. Harland F. Burgess, US Army, career officer Calvary, WWII Pacific Theater, POW, decorated hero, KIA (my grandfather)
*Marion d'Ullay Burgess, active duty military spouse, widowed WWII, school teacher (my grandmother)
*Col. Walter Burgess, career officer USAF, Commander Recognizance Mission, Equador, WWII, KIA (my great Uncle)

Thank you.
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