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Second Chance

The unexamined life is not worth living.
-Socrates, in Plato, Dialogues, Apologia
Greek philosopher in Athens (469 BC - 399 BC)

The intensity of the holiday season, which seems to climax with the end of the month of December and the current year before rolling over in a fluff of expectation the first day of the new one, begs the question "What do you want to be different in your life next year?"

Lifestyle choices, work? Financial security, intimate relationships adrift? There are so many ways we build our thoughts about what a meaningful life requires and what we are prepared to undertake. Resolutions are just ideas. Ideas about the disparity between expectation and reality. Are you in synch with yourself? Let me suggest a homework assignment over the remaining days of 2010: What do you feel is worthy of adding, deleting, doing differently or celebrating for greatness as it is? I will close with the words of a poet friend of mine, from her poem, "Blue":

"Years after, I will admit to only so much. Blue

moon tomorrow. Do we ever get a second
chance? It's what I don't say that speaks loudest."

- Katrina Roberts, Friendly Fire, 2008
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