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The Common Constant

Outside the window
the full moon
shines though the clouds
and yet
always waxing or waning,
is never truly full
but for a fleeting moment.

And yet
the perfect companion
is always present.
below the horizon,
always as it should be, present
or waiting.

Concealed or revealed,
the constant companion,
more common than many

I know.

- G. Scotford Miller

A three hour lunar eclipse led into this year's Solstice Moon. Black, then light. Illumination down the darkest alley of the year. The comparison to this year of struggle followed by breakthrough seems but a simple parallel to the pattern etched for us by the seasons and the heavens. Working life we heave and thrash, throw everything we have at the resistant and unsolvable. Taken to our knees in frustration, in exhaustion, boneheaded and determined, we dig our bare hands into the hard acreage of opportunity. Crack open barrenness. Through to the rich loess, the top soil roots take hold and thrive in. What is Winter Solstice but surrender to patience, to this season of gestation, of hibernation? The retreat and rethinking before the renewal and fresh effort?

Perfection of creation - the possibility of, the trust in - is the companion of our days. Within all that we strive for and dream of is perfection: the perfectness of genuine potential. All of life is imbued with this potential. I speak of the pattern and power within us to grow, to bloom into the fullness of our ingrained talents. The perfection of nature to become what is contained within the seed; the perfection of the seed itself to be.

The winter moon, these long hours of darkness, the still and dreamless nights of deep winter - these are moments of gestation within the soul. Under the Solstice Moon we dream in white light, pure intensity, in the promise of what we have always contained. You know. So do I. Nature's perfect patterns repeat endlessly within us, around us. And all that is required of us is awareness.

Happy Solstice, my friends.

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