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In the depths of the deep sea,
in the night of long lists,
like a horse your silent
silent name runs past.

Lodge me at your back, oh shelter me,
appear to me in your mirror, suddenly,
upon the solitary, nocturnal pane,
sprouting from the dark behind you.

- from "Madrigal Written in Winter," Pablo Neurda, 1958

The newest year breaks into morning on air that shatters in sun it is so cold. Outside my window light fractures and prisms deep within the Arctic blue sky. The date is 01-01-2011. Or 1-1-11 in shorthand. The day, the date, and I, all feel as new as that number. One, the first step. The first day of a new journey. Where will we go with this new madrigal of seasons? Where will the events of, as yet, unlived history ebb and flow? Will we feel the bite of the unexpected, or will it fall in our laps as joy?

It is said we are either optimists about life, or cynics. The glass is half-full or half-empty. I think it is within all of us however to feel the new year, on the first day, is a full tank. We've been given 365 days to do something truly different, or better, for the last time or the first time in a brand new box of days. The galaxy twinkles in delight. The frontier has opened another fraction forward into the unformed future; time siphons from the pulse of life itself a palette of newborn days. I'm ready to ride, are you?

The colors, the design, the purpose and creativity we bring to this year are all ours to play with. I hope to live this year in a fresh way, without expectations, without borders. I will stand at this blank canvas of days with an open heart and a willing mind. This first part of the year, much as Neruda pens in his "Madrigal Written in Winter," will be about longing and surprise. Let the love I have for life be my longing to live fully and completely, and let my delight come in the surprise of uncertainty. I hope to make friends this year with that which is beyond my control, with the unpredictable. The spice of chaos thrown into play by chance and circumstance.

In the unpredictable there is great energy. The energy of our core, the fierce intensity of hot and unformed stars. Let the atoms dance, and me with them.

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