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First light
to last star at night
place me in your pocket
toss me with your keys beside
your coffee
drop me on the papers
under crooked glasses.
Use me find me lose me use me again
in the spaces of the days
you live in.
What continents of meaning
sleeps in the naked word
in the crook of your arm
in the tangle of hair and feet
the heart roots
breathes in and out
of this room
we lie in.

- Glenda Burgess

This entry today might as well be titled "Courage," or perhaps "Second Chances." I settled on "Beginnings" to express the sense that who I am at this moment in time is not just a retread of who I used to be, doing old things in a new way, but someone refreshed from within, rebuilt in cellular layers by life and erosion, growth and design. To tell you I am me, but I am also a me I have not been before, about to embark on a new adventure.

Love in Middle Age! Friends, I am happy to share with you that I am engaged to be married. In love. And that is no small feat given the life journey that has been mine, my love's, or for that matter any old soul among us that has made it thus far by luck or determination. Magic and bravery, kindness and fortune, destiny perhaps, and a dash of boldness... All the spices of life were required for one blind date arranged by mutual friends to become an affair of the heart. Limning the new green, a mid-story beginning for both. My sweetheart's name? Gregory. He is a physician with three grown boys. Added to my grown son and daughter, that gives us five between us. All are in the sciences (medicine or engineering) with the exception of me, lone Defender of Humanities in dinner debates. Vino Scrabble, playing words (real or convincing) fueled by imagination and wine, is hilarious and challenging with this crew.

Gregory and I stir up pretty spicy blends! Our votes cancel. Vegetarian meets carnivore. Twenty year old blood donor t-shirts versus the silk scarf. The pacifist and the hunter. The two of us are Greenacres to the max - cityscape versus country quiet. Chance and destiny. The Discovery Channel flips to Turner Classics. Hockey or MythBusters? Old wine dates the single malt. And it is so fun.

The nearly year and three-quarters it has taken to this moment, formalizing a growing relationship, is in itself an epic story. I promise you tales of the journey as we talk of adventure, reinvention, commitment, fear of loss, courage, independence, blending, solitary work, life lived loving. But for today, the word is beginnings: The instinct to move forward that dwells at the core of us all.

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