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GLENDA BURGESS is a winner of the Rupert Hughes Award for Fiction and a short story finalist for the New Century Writer Award. Her literary memoir, THE GEOGRAPHY OF LOVE, was named a Ten Best Books of 2008 by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and a finalist for the 2008 Books for a Better Life Award.





Born in New Mexico, the daughter of a US Air Force Lt. Colonel in the Strategic Air Command, the author's first published work at the age of nine was printed in The Spokesman-Review newspaper for the payment of one dollar.

Ms. Burgess graduated with distinction from Indiana University, Bloomington, with a minor in English and a B.A. in Political Science in International Studies, the recipient of the Wendell L. Wilkie Distinguished Student Award. After earning a Masters in Public Affairs from the Evans School of Government at the University of Washington, Ms. Burgess was nationally selected to serve as a Presidential Management Fellow in the presitigious government executive development program initiated under President Jimmy Carter. After completing more than a decade of government service on Capitol Hill and for the U.S. State Department in Washington DC, Ms. Burgess transitioned her career into full-time writing.

In an intensive post-graduate education in creative writing, Ms. Burgess attended university classes, writers workshops, and master seminars at the University of California at Berkeley, the Creative Writing Program at Stanford, the University of Washington, the Maui Writers Workshop, and the Aspen Writers Workshop to name a select few. Ms. Burgess has been fortunate to attend writing retreats and endowed creative residencies, and is frequently invited to teach craft and narrative voice at writers workshops and conferences. Glenda has presented her work and lead workshops at the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Conference, Portland's Wordfest, the Writers Workshop series at A Book for All Seasons, the Hawaiian Writers Conference, and Eastern Washington University's Get Lit! Literary Festival.

Glenda Burgess' work encompasses a memoir, The Geography of Love, (Random House/Broadway Books), two novels Exposures and Loose Threads first published in the UK, and an academic work for the University of Washington, A Special Collections Thesaurus: Women Studies. Her work includes critically acclaimed short stories and published essays, as well as book reviews in literary journals and freelance articles. Glenda also writes at her blog, Quintessence, on topics relevant to literature, poetry, and the craft of creative writing.







Random House/Broadway Books, August 2008
Softcover release, August 2009

EXPOSURES, a novel
First Edition, Malvern Publishing, Ltd., UK, 2000
Second edition (back in print), Penguin/AuthorHouse, May 2005

First Edition, The Great American First Novel Series,
Malvern Publishing, Ltd., UK, 1998
Second edition (back in print), Penguin/AuthorHouse, March 2008

Academic Reference
University of Washington Press, 1979