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Greek Temple, Sicily

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Chosen as one of The Ten Best Books of 2008 by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and a finalist for the 2008 Books for a Better Life Award, this tender and intimate memoir of a marriage will resonate with readers of Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking, and Susan Duncan's Salvation Creek.
A reclusive photographer's life in the remote mountains of New Mexico intersects unexpectedly with the troubled life of a young cello prodigy. This unforgettable story sweeps the reader from a backcountry confrontation with a dangerous cougar to the career-making climax of an audition hall. Exposures is a sweeping tale of extraordinary talent and human destiny woven within the portals of music and twenty of history’s remarkable photographs.
Published for the first time in Britain as part of the "Great American First Novel" series, Loose Threads explores the uncommon thread, the path not taken as an emerging sculptor struggles through the complex turning points of her life. Engaging, fresh, and unforgettable, Loose Threads is a novel of the journey to authenticity and the redemptive power of genuine passion.
Special collections thesaurus developed at the University of Washington for the academic discipline of Women Studies.